Job Well Done!

Dear Mr. Bruce

We're writting to commend the outstanding work of Aaron Zehm during all Phases of our search for a residence on the East Side last summer and fall. Since we live in Southern California, the initial search was not simple. To make it easier for us, he was very astute in quickly diserning our likes and dislikes and was able to make the process very efficient. After an initial broad screening, he was able to narrow down the choices so that we did not have to see places that would not be of interest to us.

Although our first choice was, at first, already spoken for, he kept track of it when it fell through and we were able to make an offer on it. Aaron was extremely helpful in carrying out the many offer/counteroffers while we were in Southern California. We always felt that our interests were never compromised during the rather hectic negotiations toward a very fast closing. Many of the contingencies required repair work and Aaron was able to find some very able people to complete the work promptly and professionally at reasonable cost.

Even after the closing of escrow, Aaron was extremely helpful in continuing to oversee some of the final work to be performed. All this was done without us having to leave California.

Since then, we've been up to our new house and are extremely pleased with our acquisition thanks to the professional and conscientious efforts of Mr. Zehm. We are by no means new to the Real Estate business, and can honestly say that attention we received on this purchase is unsurpassed.

Sincerely yours,

William and Bernadette Shih

Dear Gerald and Sue Ross:

Congratulations on the sucessful closing of your property! It was my privilege to have represented the buyers and their finicial needs.

The efficiency with which this transaction was completed was due in no small part to the quality representation that you received from your Realtor. Your Realtor was very pro-active, initiated and maintained quality dialogue and provided me with everything requested in a very expeditious manner.

I am sure that you agree with me that your realtor served you well. I remind you that the highest compliment that a Real Eatate Professional can receive is to tell your aquaintances of your positive experience. By extending the courtesy of a refferal you would be doing your friends a great service.


Jeff Tisdale
Senior Loan Officer (Sky Mortgage)